Best Google Analytics Alternative for Non-Technical Marketers: SaturnOne

Why getting SaturnOne Analytics wll save you a ton of headaches, time, and money

Getting an Easy-to-Use Content Analytics Can Do Wonders for Your Business

In this article, you will learn what SaturnOne is and why it can be a useful tool to help you grow your business. You will also find out about their features and benefits, so you can decide if it’s right for you. In addition to this, I will give you some tips and insights on how you can use SaturnOne for your own content marketing campaigns.

A simple and intuitive customer journey analytics tool in your pocket. Imagine a customer journey that is always on hand – wherever you are, and whatever the task at hand! SaturnOne enables businesses to view “one” custom analytics dashboard to empower you to take immediate action on your data and create effective marketing campaigns based on these insights. 

Why SaturnOne is Better

SaturnOne is an easy-to-use alternative to Google Analytics for content marketers, entrepreneurs, and SEO practitioners. It is a lot better compared to Google Analytics because it is super beginner friendly and super-easy to use with zero time wasting and unnecessary steps. Just enter your website URL, launch SaturnOne, and then start analyzing your data from there.

The world of content marketing is becoming more and more complicated. It’s no longer enough to just post your best content and hope it goes viral – you need insights into how people interact with your content.

Learn how to quickly uncover your top converting customers and engage with them by generating valuable content that converts. With just a few clicks, you can see the value of each piece of content you publish, including its conversion rate and how to improve it.

See the full article, 5 Reasons Why SaturnOne is the Best Google Analytics Alternative for Content Marketers”

Common Problems That Content Marketers Encounter in Using Analytics Software Like Google’s:

Complex technical setup

●    Data export and correlation

●    Attribution

One reason why content marketers are looking for an alternative to Google Analytics:

Getting insight is next to impossible without a deep technical setup or data analysis tools.

 With SaturnOne Analytics, newbies and non-tech people like you will never struggle with technical issues and incomplete data. You will get answers fast with no complex set up and costly technical support needed. 

 Interested in how SaturnOne product advisors can help you acquire fast and actionable marketing insights? Request a DEMO NOW!

 Other Reasons Why You Should Switch to SaturnOne

Google Analytics is for Data Nerds, Not For Content Marketers and Busy Business Owners

Google Analytics uses a lot of technical terms that the average user, like you and me, will have a hard time catching up on or doesn't make sense at all. 

It even has courses which consume a lot of time and effort for the ordinary user. SaturnOne is newbie and non-techie friendly (heck, it’s friendly even to data analysts!). 

SaturnOne offers ease-of-use and deep actionable insights for content marketers and business owners for their content marketing analytics needs. It even has Content Attribution so you can see which among your content, or group of content are performing well and bringing in conversions. Read the article here: “Content Marketing Attribution: 3 Powerful Ways to Measure ROI”

The real cost in using Google Analytics is the complex setup, the constant maintenance everytime you add content or run a campaign (with programmers), and the ongoing data analyst support. Watch the CEO and Founder’s video tutorial (Youtube) here on how easy it is to view your lead’s customer journey: Customer Journey  25 July 2022   3 minutes

Another overlooked cost would be the time delay in asking and answering questions you did not think to set up Tag Manager and GA for before you started. Almost every real content marketing insight setup and only then can Google Analytics collect data versus SaturnOne which constantly and auto-magically captures all the data and has tools to access and visualize it that is already built-in.

You Can’t View and Analyze Multiple Journeys at Once

If you want to see from which countries visitors are coming from, from what device or channel, you simply cannot find that in Google Analytics. However, what SaturnOne Content Analytics  does is it allows you to group content into categories and then perform various analytics on them, such as filtering by campaigns, categories, and countries, and seeing how whole categories of content are performing. 

We can also do content attribution, which is a very powerful thing. We can actually see where your leads are coming from and where your customers are coming from. You can actually segment them by revenue and different types of customers, and then we have a nice flow. You can see how content groups flow. DOWNLOAD your FREE eBook on, “How to Double Your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)”

However, Google Analytics allows for the simultaneous viewing of only two dimensions, which severely restricts your capacity to comprehend your visitors, users, marketing, and growth activities.

With SaturnOne, explore various options to track and monitor individual customers and entire campaigns. You can even track which content or funnel on your website is converting the most or which visitors are not converting at all allowing you to improve your marketing and sales campaigns. Visit SaturnOne today!

Google Analytics Does Not Collect Contact Forms and its Content Grouping Feature Sucks 

Google Analytics does not collect contact forms or lead forms. No correlation to customer, lead score, or revenue. Its Content Grouping feature sucks bigtime in GA4. Google Analytics also has NO customer journeys. Everything in SaturnOne, including its filtering, is WAY better. Get to know the reasons behind why Google Analytics sucks for content marketers in this article: “Why Google Analytics 4 Sucks for B2B Content Marketers”


Google Analytics is great in many ways  in helping you provide data as a content marketer. However, it is not designed for non-tech savvy marketers in content marketing and has a lot of drawbacks, compared to SaturnOne Analytics which is super-easy to use for both newbies and data experts. 

With SaturnOne, it lets you focus on growing your business by showing you where your most profitable customers are hanging out and the reasons why they are converting. It simply gives you fast actionable 360 degree view insights you can leverage for your marketing campaigns.

Ready for a whole new experience in customer journey and content marketing insights? Then switch and try SaturnOne Analytics for your content marketing, content attribution, and customer journey analytics needs. 

Get a DEMO today and see for yourself how to grow your business faster and smarter. 


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