Start $29/m

Start $399/m
+ Full Service Analytics
(Intro pricing)

Website analytics, with conversion analytics, content flows, and funnels.

+ We will be your Full-Service website analytics team. Weekly meetings and reports. With CRO consulting, technical integrations, live monthly strategic reviews with your marketing team.

Full Website Analytics
Conversion Analytics
Conversion Monitoring
Funnel & Flow Analytics

Content Analytics

Content & Channel Grouping
Segmentation: Lead Scoring, Customer Revenue, Campaigns, Channels, more...
Individual Leads or Customers
Segments: Campaigns, Content, more...

Insights & Reporting

Channels & Referrers
Content: Conversions, Groups, Trends
So much more...


For Agencies or Enterprises to manage multiple domains, reports, etc.


None needed for basic
Support via chat, email, and Knowledgebase
Set Up Services, up to 10-hours
Weekly Live meetings for analysis and review with our Pros.
Weekly Reports and trending analysis.
Full CRO, Technical, Analysis, and Support
Live Priority Support


Pricing are stepped by tiers

50,000: $29
100,000: $39
250,000: $59
500,000: $79
1,000,000: $99
2,000,000: $149
5,000,000: $299

50,000: $399
100,000: $499
250,000: $599
500,000: $699
1,000,000: $799
2,000,000: $999
5,000,000: $1,599


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes & No. The basic has a free trial, as it requires a one-step set up only. While the full has one step-set up to start collecting data , to get the full Content Marketing and Journey package full value requires both data and some training/help getting started.

GDPR Compliant? Cookies?

Yes. We are compliant with such regulations as GDPR, PECR, CCPA, ePrivacy and COPPA. By default, we do not use cookies. We do not track or correlate by IP address or cookies across the web like Google Analytics. When a site visitor fills out a form to optin to you list we track and correlate this.

How do I create an account?

Press the "Get Started" buttons all over our site. Alternative is you can schedule a consultation to get started here

Schedule a Consultation here

Do you offer team accounts?

Yes. All our plans are team plans.

Do you use/share/sell the end users' data?

No, we do not. We do not monetize or use any data collected on your behalf except to serve you. We do not store any data that would allow us to identify a specific user by default (see below for exception). We try to be as transparent and respectful of privacy as possible. Also, all of the data we collect is anonymised...unless you choose to collect individual user data or connect it to you data.