Marketing ROI: The Top 5 Reports Business Cares About

In this free guide you will learn:
1. How To Calculate ROI For A Campaign/Channel/Segment
2. What Data Is Really Needed
3. The Anatomy Of A Good ROI Report
ROI shows the profitability (or not) of a marketing investment. This is the one metric businesses really care about.

The Top 5 Reports Are:
  1. Channel ROI Reporting with Trending
  2. Campaign Focused ROI Reporting & Analysis
  3. Content Marketing Reports
  4. SEO ROI with Keywords That Convert
  5. Google Business Profile with ROI
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"When I show my clients more data, their eyes start to glaze over." Time for more actionable information, not more data. This is what ROI reporting gives business owners...a marketing value report that decisions can be made from.