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Advanced Journey Analytics

If you are using content to attract, educate, and convert then it is essential that you understand how it is being interacted with by your most valuable customers, least valuable users, leads, and non-converting visitors. This insight will allow you to greatly improve your marketing and sales and grow your business smarter and faster!

The Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Opportunities Are Endless!

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Are you struggling to understand how visitors become leads and customers?

  • Where are you best leads and customers coming from and how are they converting?
  • What are their journeys to converting?
  • Can you follow specific customers? Or segments?
  • Where and how are you losing customers?
  • What channels and campaigns are wasting your money?
  • Do you have multiple domains and analytic dashboards that do not connect?

To find answers to these and your customer journey questions you have two choices. or more people and tools (a programmer, Google Analytics, Tag Manager, data exports, spreadsheets, and a data analyst to stitch it all together and make sense of it).

Customer Journey

Follow Individual Customers or Entire Campaigns

  • Follow single visitors across different sessions and multiple domains.
  • For campaigns, start at the end (conversion) or the beginning (first touch).
  • Explore journeys by segments with our advanced filtering.

Optimize for your best prospects…not just for visits or clicks.

Match Customers & Leads

Because we can automagically capture lead form submissions and match emails (or use our API to tag individual visitors) SaturnOne allows you to simply select a single contact and view their entire interaction. Every domain. Every visit. Every page viewed and how much viewed. Every link clicked. Every form filled out. Every campaign interacted with.

Advanced Filtering & Segmentation

We have endless segmentation and filtering funnels and page flows of user journey. All the usual demographic plus many more.

  • Form Elements
  • Lead Score
  • Revenue Generated
  • Content Viewed

API For Advanced Tracking

Use our easy API to tag visitors or even add conversion dates and revenue to customers

  • Set customer revenue
  • Set as a trial or customer
  • Tags
  • email

We have a simple solution to your complex marketing insight problem. More than data-driven-marketing...information driven decision making.

No Coding. No Waiting.

Stop wrestling with pixels, coding, and data dumps. All events are automagically captured and waiting for programmers or analyst.

Trends & Insights

Get clear answers, without the heavy lifting. Learn where and where not to put your money. See how many visits, emails, and what pieces of content contribute to conversion.

Marketing Channel Analysis

Understand the channels and funnels that are giving you the best conversions and ROI. See how channels affect the customer journey to conversion...optimize.

Funnel Optimization

See the exact path of specific leads and customers. Connect all touch points to see specific attributions. Pinpoint where visitors are converting and where they are not.

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