SaturnOne Analytics Versus G4 Analytics: Know What's Important For You

Go ahead and pick the right Customer Analytics that's perfect for you.


In this blog article, we’ll discuss why choosing the best customer journey analytics software that suits your needs is crucial for your business. We’ll analyze objectively and compare two analytics software, discuss features including the pros and cons of using each software.  

The lifeblood of every business is its customers. Without them, you definitely would be without business too. Therefore, taking care of your customers is the only natural thing to do. 

In today’s digital age, making assumptions about your customer needs and wants is a recipe for disaster. The ones who diligently collect and accurately interpret customer data are the ones who are likely to succeed. 

If you’re excited to know some of the best customer analytics software, we’re going to dive down into two of the best tools and compare their individual capabilities. Both tools are top of the line and it’s totally up to you to weigh down on which one you need. And if you find either one of the two best matches your customer analytics business needs, then you can go ahead and make the right purchasing decision. 


SaturnOne is for online marketers and business owners who want an easy to use tool to see important information on one screen and make a smart decision based on the insights provided. Simply drill down and see how visitors are interacting with pages and flowing between pages to convert. 

SaturnOne was also built for the entrepreneur and digital marketer who have no time for going over Google Analytics, analyzing  and interpreting results. SaturnOne provides deep and actionable insight on your best and worst customer journeys - those that would predictably buy and separate the ones that don’t so you can focus on these profitable customers. Learn more here

On the other hand, Google Analytics is for marketers with deep technical and data analytics skills with the time and expertise to build their own reports and can integrate and use Google three main tools in their marketing suite (analytics, tag manager, and data studio). Get your FREE consultation here.

What Is G4 Analytics? How Does It Differ From Previous Google Analytics Versions?

Google Analytics recently received a major update which includes new powerful features that provide you with deeper insights for more smarter marketing decisions and better privacy regulations compliance. As an entrepreneur and marketer, It is crucial to know and understand your website traffic, customer data, page performance, and total website health. 

G4 Analytics is a completely new version of Google Analytics that uses Firebase Analytics. It is an upgrade of Google Analytics. Further, it enables marketers to measure users' interactions within mobile and single page apps. 

Current users of Google Analytics must upgrade to G4 as this will become the new default for new website properties and where future updates will be made. 

There are four major  updates on the new Google Analytics 4 property:

  • Better Focus on Customer Data
  • Improved integration with Google Ads
  • Clever insights upgrade
  • Extensive data controls

Other features include:

  • Codeless event tracking
  • Intelligently organized reports
  • Cross-platform tracking
  • A.I. powered insights and predictive metrics
Google Analytics 4 Properties
  • Basically the next generation of Google Analytics, when this comes out around mid October 2020, marketers and organizations around the world are excited with this new development. This new Google Analytics update will change how companies use machine learning, privacy-first data collection, and audience strategies
The Benefits of Google Analytics 4 Properties

The new model allows for combined analysis of data from both mobile and web based apps into a single view, analysis tools, audience management, and measuring features. Combining app and web data is just one of the many features of Google Analytics 4 Properties. 

In general, the new G4 tool seamlessly integrates and keeps up with the Google Marketing Platform as a whole. By tapping into the capabilities of the new G4, you will be leveraging your media and cross-channel objectives across Google Marketing Platform. 

What’s more, the updated version of Google Analytics takes into account the primary concerns in digital marketing and analytics: constant changes in privacy policies, browser updates, and cookies. 

What Is SaturnOne Analytics?

SaturnOne Customer Journey Analytics was created as a solution for non-tech savvy business owners who are not experts in coding and data analysis. SaturnOne was also built with the entrepreneur and digital marketer in mind who have no time for going over Google Analytics, analyzing  and interpreting results. SaturnOne provides deep and actionable insight on your best and worst customer journeys - those that would predictably buy and separate the ones that don’t so you can focus on these profitable customers..

SaturnOne puts everything under one dashboard and provides in-depth customer journey insights for a better informed decision. Seamless and easy to navigate, business owners can then interpret data without getting overwhelmed by figures and statistics. 

SaturnOne focuses on providing you with customer behavior data so you can optimize customer experience and optimize for growth and sustainability.

Interpret Data Faster and Smarter With SaturnOne

Rather than employ a team of data analysts, or use a variety of tools, use SaturnOne, a tool that answers all your questions on how your customers are converting- all under one dashboard.

Grow your business by making smarter decisions and driving more conversions on your website through a customer journey analytics tool such as SaturnOne

SaturnOne answers your most important questions such as: 

  • What are the journeys to conversion?
  • What are the specific paths of specific customers? My best customers!
  • Where are my best leads and customers actually coming from and reading?
  • Where and how am I losing potential customers?
  • What channels and campaigns are wasting my money?

The all-in-one dashboard allows for a faster interpretation and more well-informed decision making made from deep actionable insights from SaturOne. 

Focus on growing your business, not on struggling to understand and interpret your most important questions in the customer journey. 

Benefits of Using SaturnOne Customer Journey Analytics

SaturnOne offers three (3) basic solutions for all your website customer journey analytics needs:

1.Website and Funnel Analytics

Easy to set up and use analytics, you can be up and running and start optimizing your best leads in no time at all. A very affordable plan if you want to start basic. 

Google Analytics is one great tool, however, iit was designed for data analytics experts with plenty of time and resources.  It’s very complex to operate with all the intricacies of coding and  integrating with other tools before you can understand what is going on in your website.

The answer? SaturnOne. SaturnOne was created to make everything easier, giving you the right answers for a smarter and better decision in growing your business. Visit the site today. 

2.Advanced Journey Analytics (Beta)

Having to stitch everything from data analysts, Google Analytics, programmers, a myriad of tools can be time consuming and overwhelming. But, with SaturnVision, all your questions about your best customer's journey are answered in one dashboard. 

Explore various options to track and monitor individual customers and entire campaigns. You can even track which content or funnel on your website is converting the most or which visitors are not converting at all allowing you to improve your marketing and sales campaigns. 

We offer a limited Lifetime Deal Offer. All the best features on SaturnOne's powerful marketing and funnel analytics. Save $20 when you BUY DIRECT from our website up to May 2.

Visit SaturnOne today! 

3.Agency - In-depth Journey Analytics + Website and Funnel for multi client agencies

For multi-client agencies, you can also speak with our in-house consultants for a personalized assessment and insight on your website customer journey marketing. Contact us

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