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SaturnOne's Powerful Marketing & Funnel Analytics

Features In Lifetime Deal

  • Website Analytics
  • Funnel Analytics
  • Page Flow Analytics
  • From Analytics
  • Link & Button Analytics
  • 5 Users
  • Weekly Email Summary
  • Segmentation Filtering
  • Location Drill Down
  • Unlimited Domains

Pricing & Tiers

All tiers include all the features listed. Each tier is only limited by the number of monthly pageviews. This offer is only valid for our current Marketing & Funnel Analytics plan. Future updates and features to this plan will be included. See Plan Details...

  • 10,000 Monthly Pageviews


    25,000 Monthly Pageviews


    50,000 Monthly Pageviews


    100,000 Monthly Pageviews


    250,000 Monthly Pageviews


    500,000 Monthly Pageviews


    1,000,000 Monthly Pageviews


    2,000,000 Monthly Pageviews



See our 20+ year experienced entrepreneur founder, give a tour.

What makes SaturnOne better than Google Analytics?

Let’s be honest - getting actionable insights from Google Analytics isn’t easy. It was built for analytics experts with plenty of time and technical resources - unlike most of us. It requires Google Tag Manager, custom coding, and data exports to get the understanding we really need to see what is happening on our websites.
That is why we created SaturnOne, the one tool that helps you take the right data from your site and turn it into smart business decisions.

Terms & FAQs

Terms & Frequently Asked Questions

Refund Policy?

60-Days from your date of purchase... no questions asked.


You must activate your plan within 1-year to use it.

Are Plans Stackable?

No, these tiers are not stackable. If you need more than 2,000,000 monthly pageview across your domains, please contact us directly.

Future Upgrading?

If at any point you want to upgrade to future or advanced plans, we will offer a 50% discount for a 2-year plan. Exclusions are plans including consulting services.

GDPR Compliant? Cookies?

Yes. We are compliant with such regulations as GDPR, PECR, CCPA, ePrivacy and COPPA. By default, we do not use cookies. We do not track or correlate by IP address or cookies across the web like Google Analytics.

Do you offer team accounts?

Yes. All our plans are team plans.

Do you use/share/sell the end users' data?

No, we do not. We do not monetize or use any data collected on your behalf except to serve you. We do not store any data that would allow us to identify a specific user by default (see below for exception). We try to be as transparent and respectful of privacy as possible. Also, all of the data we collect is anonymised...unless you choose to collect individual user data or connect it to your data.

What Makes SaturnOne Different?

SaturnOne was built for non-programmers and non-data scientists to easily give you understanding, not just statistics. From page flows, to conversions, to entire funnels...easy.

Funnels & Goals
Form Analytics

See the funnel and pages flow by referrers, and campaigns. Filter by demographics or any attribution.

Form views and form completions on any page, funnel, goals with segmentation by campaigns, country, devices and more.

Event Capture
Linking & Button Analytics

Form views, form completions, link clicks, page scrolls, and more are automagically captured and stitched together.

See how visitors are navigating your site. See where and when visitors are clicking your CTAs.


Automated weekly and monthly reports

Summary reports can be emailed weekly and monthly to help you stay on top of your marketing game and website's performance.

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