5 Reasons Why SaturnOne is the Best Google Analytics Alternative

We have mentioned the 5 great reasons why SaturnOne is the best alternative to GA

Meta Description: SaturnOne, an intuitive and super-easy to use content marketing and customer journey analytics platform, is a must-have for every content marketer and entrepreneur and is a top alternative to Google Analytics!


The most widely used website analytics, Google Analytics, has a few significant drawbacks. Customers may not be able to access several key features of Google Analytics, which can prevent them from learning extremely crucial information about their website's visitors, events, and conversions as well as how to increase them unlike in SaturnOne Analytics.

Users, events, and conversions (which are all-important metrics in marketing) receive less attention in Google Analytics than traffic. You will primarily obtain information about page views, sessions, bounce rates, etc. by using Google Analytics. It won't provide you with the information on your users that you require, such as who they are, how each of them behave specifically on your website, what causes them to convert, and why you get more or fewer of them. But with SaturnOne, you get all of these and more.


Google Analytics is for marketers with deep technical and data analytics skills who have the time and expertise to build their own reports and can integrate and use Google's three main tools in their marketing suite (analytics, tag manager, and data studio). For busy entrepreneurs and marketers, who do not have constant programmer support and data analysts experts, Google Analytics is a bit complex and overwhelming. 

Even though GA is free, to use it beyond the basics, such as content marketing needs, requires constant programmer and data analyst support and can be both costly and take substantial time and planning efforts. With SaturnOne, it is already built for you!

On the other hand, SaturnOne is designed for content marketers and business owners who want an intuitive and easy-to-use tool to see marketing insights under one screen, and not just numbers and stats. Simply drill down and see how visitors are interacting with pages and flowing between pages and how and why they convert. Request a DEMO now. 

5 Things SaturnOne Can Do That Google Analytics Can’t 

1. Google Analytics is Not User-Friendly!

Google Analytics is not intuitive or super beginner-friendly unlike SaturnOne which is very easy to use with its one dashboard feature where you see everything— from Website Visits to Content Attribution.

2. Google Analytics is for Data Nerds, Not For Content Marketers and Busy Business Owners

Google Analytics uses a lot of technical terms that the average user, like you and me, will have a hard time catching up on or doesn't make sense at all. It even has courses which consume a lot of time and effort for the ordinary user. SaturnOne is newbie and non-techie friendly (heck, it’s friendly even to data analysts!). 

SaturnOne offers ease-of-use and deep actionable insights for content marketers and business owners for their content marketing analytics needs. It even has Content Attribution so you can see which among your content, or group of content are performing well and bringing in conversions. Read the article here: “Content Marketing Attribution: 3 Powerful Ways to Measure ROI”

The real cost for Google Analtics is the setup, the constant maintenence everytime you add content or run a campaign (in programmers), and the onging data analyst support. Another overlooked cost would be the time delay in asking and answering questions you did not think to set up Tag Manager and GA for before you started. Alsmot every real Content marketing insight setup and only then can Google Analytics collect data… versues SaturnOne which constantly auto-magically captures all the data and has tools to access and visualize it built-in.

3. Google is Coming Up With Its New Version— GA4

Moreover, Google Analytics 4 (the most recent version of GA) is completely different, meaning, you need to spend months of learning on how to use it only to have it become obsolete in a few years, unlike SaturnOne which is very easy to use that ordinary users like content marketers can go up and running in less than a day. 

You also get the latest updates automatically and you can reach out to support for help. Get to know the reasons behind why Google Analytics sucks for content marketers in this article: “Why Google Analytics 4 Sucks for B2B Content Marketers”

4. You Can’t View and Analyze Multiple Journeys at Once

If you want to see from which countries visitors are coming from, from what device or channel, you simply cannot find that in Google Analytics. However, what SaturnOne Content Analytics  does is it allows you to group content into categories and then perform various analytics on them, such as filtering by campaigns, categories, and countries, and seeing how whole categories of content are performing. 

We can also do content attribution, which is a very powerful thing. We can actually see where your leads are coming from and where your customers are coming from. You can actually segment them by revenue and different types of customers, and then we have a nice flow. You can see how content groups flow. 

However, Google Analytics allows for the simultaneous viewing of only two dimensions, which severely restricts your capacity to comprehend your visitors, users, marketing, and growth activities.

With SaturnOne, explore various options to track and monitor individual customers and entire campaigns. You can even track which content or funnel on your website is converting the most or which visitors are not converting at all allowing you to improve your marketing and sales campaigns. Visit SaturnOne today!

5. Google Analytics Does Not Collect Contact Forms and its Content Grouping Feature Sucks 

Google Analytics does not collect contact forms or lead forms. No correlation to customer, lead score, or revenue. Its Content Grouping feature sucks bigtime in GA4. Google Analytics also has NO customer journeys. Everything in SaturnOne, including its filtering, is WAY better.

What is SaturnOne Analytics?

SaturnOne is a content marketing and customer journey analytics platform for online marketers and busy business owners who want an easy-to-use tool to view crucial information on one screen and make a smarter marketing decision based on the actionable insights presented. Simply dig deeper to discover how visitors are navigating across pages and interacting with individual pages to convert.

SaturnOne was created for business owners and digital marketers who don't have time to spend combing over mountains of data, evaluating it, and deciphering the results. In order to concentrate on these profitable consumers, SaturnOne offers rich and actionable data on your best and worst client experiences, separating those that would predictably make a purchase from those that wouldn't. Concentrate on your marketing dollars the most on your most profitable customers.

Read the article on the latest updates to SaturnOne that make it super-easy to use for Content Analytics, Content Attribution, and Content Clusters Measuring,SaturnOne Analytics Versus Google Analytics 4: Know What’s Important For You.”

Wrap Up

Google Analytics is excellent in many ways and at analyzing websites. However, it is not designed for content marketing, unlike with SaturnOne Analytics. It simply wasn’t built for it due to the reasons we have outlined above. 

But with SaturnOne, it lets you focus on growing your business by showing you where your most profitable customers are hanging out and the reasons why they are converting. 

If you want your life to get easier and turn your business around, simply switch and try SaturnOne Analytics for your content marketing, content attribution, and customer journey analytics needs. 

Get a DEMO today and see for yourself how to grow your business faster and smarter. 


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