Why You Should Consider Using Google Analytics Alternatives for Your Content Marketing 2022

Choosing a Google Analytics alternative can help your business optimize marketing

Although Google Analytics is considered one of the most popular tools for web data analysis and traffic, it has a lot of drawbacks and shortcomings that would be detrimental to the marketer’s goals. Most B2B content marketers, who are not technical savvy will have a hard time setting up and interfacing Google Analytics with their website. Not to mention use it to collect and analyze data. 

If you're a content marketer, you might be surprised to learn that Google Analytics is not always the best tool for measuring your success. While it can be helpful in a lot of ways, it can also be downright overwhelming and time consuming for content marketers and business owners who are non-technical marketers and data analysts. 

This article will show you why you should consider using a good Google Analytics alternative to reach your marketing and business goals faster. 

Common Struggles of Content Marketers in Using Google Analytics

● Complex technical setup

● Data export and correlation

● Attribution

You can get a lot of information from Google Analytics but sometimes, the data can be quite complex to understand and it requires a good amount of time to look at it. In order to get a good grasp of all the data that you can get from Google Analytics, it can be quite difficult. 

In addition to the fact that Google Analytics can be overwhelming, it can be time consuming as well in terms of setting up Google Tag Manager, coding, integrating a whole lot of other tools. If you're looking to gain insights into your business faster, you should consider using a Google Analytics alternative.

The main purpose of Google Analytics is to provide insights about visitors to your website. It does this by collecting information about your visitors' activity on your site. These insights help you understand how visitors behave and whether there are opportunities to improve your site's performance. 

Google Analytics collects information about your visitors and shares it with you. If you want to know more about your visitors, you can view this information using reports. However, this report isn't always detailed enough to help you understand your visitors.

Google Analytics has a lot of limitations, and it doesn't give you enough control over your data. So, if you are looking for a solution that can help you analyze more of your visitor data, you can try other analytics tools that you can purchase on a monthly or yearly basis on the internet. These analytics tools offer features that Google Analytics doesn't have, and they are easy to use.

Other Reasons Why Google Analytics is Hard to Use

Google Analytics Uses a Lot of Technical Terms

Google Analytics uses a lot of technical terms that the average user, such as content marketers and managers, will have a hard time catching up on or would have a hard time figuring them all out. 

You Can’t View and Analyze Multiple Journeys at Once

When using Google Analytics, you won’t see from which countries visitors are coming from, from what device or channel unlike other analytics out there in the market today., you simply cannot find that in Google Analytics. 

Google Analytics Does Not Collect Contact Forms and its Content Grouping Feature Sucks 

You will have a hard time correlating to customers, lead scores, or revenue. Its Content Grouping feature is complex. Google Analytics also has no customer journeys. 

Unlike other analytics software, like SaturnOne, including its filtering, is a lot better. Get to know the reasons behind why Google Analytics sucks for content marketers in this article: “Why Google Analytics 4 Sucks for B2B Content Marketers”

Consider Using SaturnOne Analytics

When looking for alternatives to Google Analytics, there’s no easier to use analytics platform than SaturnOne. Super easy-to-use alternative for marketers, content marketers, entrepreneurs, and SEO practitioners. Get clear answers and insights in seconds, not hours. 

What is SaturnOne?

Since its founding, SaturnOne has seen the need for an easier to use software  alternative as its founder, Greg Bardwell, tried using Google Analytics for his website and business but found the setup, interpretation of data and analysis quite overwhelming and complicated. 

Being a programmer himself, he knew that there are similar entrepreneurs out there such as online digital marketers and SaaS startups who are having the same kind of issues- overwhelm. So he came up with SaturnOne, a simple all in one dashboard software for your website and funnel analytics needs. 

One of the reasons why it is a lot better than Google Analytics is because it is beginner friendly and requires very little learning curve. It has a nice dashboard that lets you see and navigate smoothly between tasks. You simply enter your website URL, launch SaturnOne, and then start analyzing your data from there.

The fact is that the world of content marketing is becoming more and more complicated. It’s no longer enough to just post your best content and hope it goes viral – you need insights into how people interact with your content. And that’s where SaturnOne Analytics comes in. 

Discover how to quickly reveal your top converting customers and engage with them by generating valuable content that converts. With just a few clicks, you can see the value of each piece of content you publish, including its conversion rate and how to improve it.

See the full article, 5 Reasons Why SaturnOne is the Best Google Analytics Alternative for Content Marketers”

Full-Service Website Analytics Team

SaturnOne just recently unveiled its Full-Service Website Analytics Team feature which is under the Pro + Plan. Marketers, Marketing Managers and Content Marketing Managers can greatly benefit from having a dedicated full- service website analytics team such as SaturnOne’s as they no longer have to do the heavy lifting such as setup, technical analysis, and technical support. 

This means marketers now can FOCUS FULLY on marketing, creating effective marketing campaigns, and growing their business.  SaturnOne’s team handles all the technical, analysis, and reporting challenges for you.

When you subscribe to the Pro+ Plan, you get everything in the Basic and Pro Plan plus these awesome benefits and services:

✅Weekly Live meetings for analysis and review with our Pros

✅Weekly reports, website analytics, insights from our review, and trending analysis delivered to you

✅Full Conversion Consulting, Technical, Analysis, and Support

✅We do the technical work for you to get the insight you need

✅Live Priority Support

Visit us here: Full-Service Website Analytics Team

Final Words

We know for a fact that Google Analytics is great in many ways  in helping you get data on web visitors and traffic. However, its main drawback is that it is not designed for non-tech savvy marketers in content marketing, compared to SaturnOne Analytics which does not require yuo to learn a lot of things. 

With SaturnOne, it lets you focus on growing your business by showing you where your most profitable customers are hanging out and the reasons why they are converting. It simply gives you fast actionable 360 degree view insights you can leverage for your marketing campaigns.

Ready for a whole new experience in customer journey and content marketing insights? Then switch and try SaturnOne Analytics for your content marketing, content attribution, and customer journey analytics needs. 

Get a DEMO today and see for yourself how to grow your business faster and smarter. 


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