Oribi versus SaturnOne: Guide to a Better Choice in Web and Content Analytics 2022

Each web and content analytics platform offers a unique advantage and benefits.

Oribi versus SaturnOne: Guide to a Better Choice in Web and Content Analytics 2022

Both analytics tools are relatively new to the analytics market— with Oribi being founded in 2015 in Tel Aviv, Israel while SaturnOne was founded in Rockville, Maryland, USA in 2021. However, both are already promising tools that boast of making web and content analytics easier— and fun to use.

Professional content marketers and digital marketing agencies are in for a treat as they would get to pick the best content analytics platform tailor-made for their needs.

Today I’ll be comparing Oribi and SaturnOne in terms of features, strengths, drawbacks, pricing, and benefits. If, however, you feel one is in your favor depending on the feature or benefit you can derive from it for your content marketing team or agency, feel free to choose, as this guide aims to help you select the right tool to grow your business.

We’ll keep this short and sweet so that you won’t get bored with technicalities. So let’s go ahead and compare the two..


What is Oribi?

Oribi provides simple, easy-to-use dashboards with website and campaign analytics. With focus on campaign analytics, Oribi boasts about how easy it is to use their platform as a super easy Google Analytics alternative. Users can easily set up and monitor goals without the need for Google Analytics.

What is SaturnOne?

Like Oribi, SaturnOne also has easy-to-use dashboards and reporting tools. Yes, it has conversion and campaign analytics with powerful, yet easy-to-use segmentation. The main difference with Oribi is SaturnOne’s focus on content marketing, with powerful content attribution and analysis tools. 

SaturnOne is a super easy-to-use platform to give you all the answers and insights you need to know exactly how your leads and customers are converting. No code needed or Google Analytics and programmers.

Comparing Oribi versus SaturnOne

What is Oribi?

Oribi is a high-end web and content tracking tool that seeks to make content analytics easy to understand and interpret. Oribi claims that Google Analytics is for data analysts, and that in order to fully comprehend the finer elements of your data when using Google Analytics, you must be a data analyst.

Oribi wants to literally provide you with data in a very easy and convenient manner, with none of the complexity of Google Analytics. Their objective is to make individuals who lack data analysis skills able to understand even the most sophisticated data and event tracking.

You can track every visit, click, and action on your site using Oribi and convert them into trackable events. It not only reveals what users are doing on your website but also—and maybe more importantly—why they are doing it.

It displays with ease how people from various sources behave differently, as well as the proportion of users who complete each phase of a funnel. Oribi gives you comprehensive insights into the format of easy-to-read charts and shows how small adjustments can influence the conversion rate of your funnel.


Oribi is categorized by visitors per month based on the type of business – ‘Business Website’, ‘eCommerce Shop’, and ‘Marketing Agency’.

Annual billing for ‘eCommerce Shop’ costs $540/month, while the ‘Business Website’ plan costs $630/month. 

Finally, ‘Marketing Agency costs $600/month. This plan features white labeling and custom designs for all your reports. Oribi also offers a free trial which requires you to enter your payment details.

Eversince Oribi was acquired by LinkedIn, it has temporarily stopped advertising their pricing to the public awaiting further announcements.

Reviews (G2 Product Review)

"Oribi makes analytics fun and easy"
What do you like best?

with one line of code Oribi comes to life, unearthing instantly actionable insights. The value it brings to the table is amazing and the user experience is effortless, even enjoyable. I don't think you can say that about most analytical platforms. We use it for numerous insights from landing page performance to analyzing the funnel and where people are dropping off. I love the ease of use and highly recommend the tool.

Review collected by and hosted on G2.com.

What do you dislike?

not much. I would like it to collect more UTM parameters and sometimes query data takes time to load. But again, the insights we get from those queries are extremely helpful and it's super easy to make very targeting queries.

What is SaturnOne?

SaturnOne is an easy-to-use alternative to Google Analytics for content marketers, entrepreneurs, and SEO practitioners. It is a lot better compared to Google Analytics because it is super beginner friendly and super-easy to use with zero time wasting and unnecessary steps. Just enter your website URL, launch SaturnOne, and then start analyzing your data from there.

The world of content marketing is becoming more and more complicated. It’s no longer enough to just post your best content and hope it goes viral – you need insights into how people interact with your content.

Learn how to quickly uncover your top converting customers and engage with them by generating valuable content that converts. With just a few clicks, you can see the value of each piece of content you publish, including its conversion rate and how to improve it.

See the full article, 5 Reasons Why SaturnOne is the Best Google Analytics Alternative for Content Marketers”

 With SaturnOne Analytics, newbies and non-tech people like you will never struggle with technical issues and incomplete data. You will get answers fast with no complex set up and costly technical support needed. 

 Interested in how SaturnOne product advisors can help you acquire fast and actionable marketing insights? Request a DEMO NOW!

Oribi versus SaturnOne: Features

We’ll look at how Oribi differs or is similar to SaturnOne’s when it comes to features and how it impacts your marketing strategy, revenue, and user journey. Both analytics tools really have unique and super friendly features that non data analysts can make full use of.

Oribi has six main features: 

  1. Insights and Trends - You get clear answers and no BS. This highlights what requires your attention and turns data into action.
  2. Magic Events - 100% code-free event tracking.

Without using any code at all, Oribi’s Magic Events technology tracks everything visitors do on your website—every button click, form submission, page visit, or purchase—making you completely independent from developers.

  1. Funnels, Correlations &  more - Optimize for more conversions. Great traffic is not enough! Oribi’s optimization features empower you to understand what works, what doesn’t work, and how to drive more conversions.
  2. Marketing Channel Analysis —Invest in the right channels. Nothing wastes your resources like investing in the wrong channels. Oribi helps you easily spot which channels bring the most engaged prospects and drive the most conversions. You can even track your ad spend and revenue, so you always know which channels bring the highest ROI.

  1. Visitor Journeys—Pinpoint specific behavior. Imagine you could look over your prospects’ shoulder. Now you can! Oribi gives you access to every step of individual visitors to understand specific behaviors and look into top paths.
  2. Reports —Share your best results. Why would you spend hours building your reports if you can have them with a button click? With Oribi, you get jaw-dropping, customized reports to share your great work with others.

On the other hand, SaturnOne also has six main features:

1.Web Analytics - A simple, yet powerful alternative to Google Analytics. One page, all-you-need website analytics.

Google can give you a ton of data, but it is all over the place with no single picture. SaturnOne has one dashboard for visitor data and filtering so that you can easily see how it all relates.

2. Content Analytics - Conversion attribution and content grouping with advanced segmentation and analysis tools gives you the insight to make better decisions as no other tool can.

3. Content Journey - This feature allows you to follow individual customers or entire campaigns. This allows you to optimize your marketing strategy for your most interested customers.

4. Conversion Analytics - Enables “Segmentation” by campaign groups, channels, referrers, content groups, and country groups. Also allows you to see Calls-to Action (CTA) and form conversions, as well as link and form analytics.

5.Content Attribution - the tool that’ll give you a clear picture of how successful  your content converts. It’s also the measure of your content marketing’s ROI.

6.Filtering - Filter queries can be very powerful, especially when combined with other tools like metrics. Let’s say that we want to see how many times people click the “Contact Us” link, as well as how often they are coming from different areas of our site. We’ll start by creating a new custom report for our site, and it’s called a “filter”.

7.Workspaces - this is a major feature which is part of our Pro Plan  and is really critical for marketing agencies that are managing multiple clients and enterprises with many domains. And they want to be able to segment all those domains into separate workspaces

8.Reports - allows users to generate reports to gain insights on conversions, journeys, and attributions.

SaturnOne soon plans to roll out new features, like the UTM builder—great for tracking campaign traffic source, which will be made available for free on all plans.


SaturnOne’s Basic Plan starts at $29 per month while the Pro Plan starts at $79. The Pro+ Full Service Plan starts at $399 per month. All plandepends on the number of pageviews per month but start at the price mentioned earlier. See the full pricing tiers here.

The Basic Plan includes website analytics, with conversion analytics, content flows, and funnels. The Pro Plan includes everything in the Basic Plan + Full suite of content conversion,  attribution tools, customer journey, plus set up services. 

The Pro Plan+ Full Service includes everything the Basic Plan and Pro Plan + We will be your Full-Service website analytics team. Weekly meetings and reports. With CRO consulting, technical integrations, live monthly strategic reviews with your marketing team. See the full pricing tiers here.


Andy Detweiler

Founder and Licensed Broker,

The Real Estate Exchanges - Online, Hyperlocal Real Estate Services

"As a business getting most of our web traffic from content marketing and search, we have thousands of web pages and multiple domains. It would have been extremely hard or costly to hire someone to get the content insights we needed. SaturnOne provided the insight I wanted quickly and easily without the tremendous work Google Analytics would have required. And their support set it up quickly for us to give us the insight to help us focus on what we do best."

Kathie Corl

Luis F Gellon,

Founder of the 123Conecta Agency

"As a Certified Digital Marketer and SEO Professional, every time my clients publish new content, I want to measure its performance, and SaturnOne is there for us. Using SaturnOne is a breeze to use. Just one drop a code snippet into your CMS/Website, and 90% of the configuration is done! You can set up the rules that make sense to your business, for example, what traffic is getting to the “pricing” page AND what pages they visited next. And the most important one is how many leads were captured today and where! And SO much more..."

Final Thoughts

Both Oribi and SaturnOne are some of the best analytics tools out there in the software market today. It's just a matter of choosing the one that best suits your specific content or campaign analytics needs. 

Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses. You just need to be discerning in selecting the best platform for your business goals. Oribi is more campaign analytics focused compared to SaturnOne which is more customer and content analytics focused. 

In conclusion, we’ve seen how the two platforms differ in terms of pricing, features, ease of use, and functionality, so take a moment to review and reflect on how best to select the right analytics platform for your team or agency.


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