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Website Visitor Analytics

Google can give you a ton of data, but it is all over the place with no single picture. This is one of 5-dashboard you get with the Pro SaturnOne. One dashboard for visitor data with segmentation and filtering so that you easily see how it all relates.

What Makes SaturnOne Different?

SaturnOne was built to easily give you understanding, not just statistics. From page flows, to conversions, to entire funnels...easy and all built-in without the need for 100s of setup steps.

Funnels & Goals
Form Analytics

See the funnel and pages flow by referrers, and campaigns. Filter by demographics or any attribution.

Form views and form completions on any page, funnel, goals with segmentation by campaigns, country, devices and more.

Event Capture
Linking & Button Analytics

Form views, form completions, link clicks, page scrolls, and more are automagically captured and stitched together.

See how visitors are navigating your site. See where and when visitors are clicking your CTAs.

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