SaturnOne’s New Workspaces Feature

Why It’s Essential for Marketing Agencies with Multiple Clients and Domains

Why It’s Essential for Marketing Agencies with Multiple Clients  and Enterprises with Multiple Domains


According to the dictionary, a "workspace" is the term used for the place in which you work, such as your desk in an office. A workstation is an area where work of a particular nature is carried out, such as using a desktop computer.

However, in our case, it is a virtual workspace wherein, for example, an agency or enterprise can have several domains inside their website for each of their clients. That’s where the SaturnOne Workspaces (Pro and Pro+ Plans) feature comes in—so you can efficiently manage different clients and users on your site. 

Read on (or watch the video) to learn more from our CEO on SaturnOne’s latest awesome feature—Workspaces!

A Guided Tour by Our CEO and Founder, Mr. Greg Bardwell.

Watch the Youtube Tutorial here: Workspaces for Agencies & Enterprises

Hi there. I’m Greg Bardwell, the Founder and CEO of SaturnOne Analytics. 

I'm super excited to announce our new Workspaces feature. This is a major feature which is part of our Pro Plan  and is really critical for marketing agencies that are managing multiple clients and enterprises with many domains.

And they want to be able to segment all those domains into separate workspaces. I'm going to give you a quick overview of that and how it works.

Basically, a workspace is something that has multiple host names that are part of it. Multiple conversions are part of it. Multiple groupings that can be part of each workspace.

And the way you create one is you basically go to your “Setup”. Then go to “Users” and then the "Workspace” tab.

and you click the Workspaces tab, and it can create one very simply.

To add a new workspace, click “Add New Workspace” and add a name to your new workspace. 

I'm just testing for this, and I picked a couple of arbitrary domains. These are all the active domains that you have that are going to show up in this list. Just click:

  •  “Add New Workspace” and then it's there. It's available and then you allow and assign each individual user's access to workspaces by simply clicking on what they have access to.  

The only drawback is that they have to log back out and log back in to get access to those domains.

Okay, to use those domains, you click on the Workspace button, and this allows you to switch between domains.

So I'm currently logged in or using the “All domains” because that's what I've given myself access to, and I'm going to select Rockville.

That allows me to see all the content and all the analytics that are specifically to the hosts and the contact groups that we set up for this specific workspace.

You'll even see the domains that are the ones that are selected. Okay, you'll notice that there's going to be no conversions, or actually just the “Call me” conversions that I showed up earlier.

 I'm going to add another one, "Schedule.” And I'm going to do all the buttons that have a schedule on them. Let’s create those.

I can also create Groupings, all the features, paths, landing pages, and forms that you want, so that you can set up custom configurations based on these workspaces.

There are workspaces that are linked to domains and I want to add one, say rent for this, because I don't know if these buttons have rent or the URLs have rent, and if it's all of them, I can test it and then add those groups.

And then I can go to my “Conversions” and I can see all the conversions that are happening for these specific workspaces that are set up and these specific domains.

It also filters all the “Contacts” and “Journeys” that are created by these workspaces. Everything that you had before: "Attribution," “Groupings” are all going to be filtered by Workspaces.

So it's a major feature, very valuable for agencies and enterprises like this one, which have multiple domains.

The easiest way to switch them is to just click, and log into the aspect you want.

And you're going to see we’re changing the attributes.

Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you very much!

Summing Up

We’ve seen from the tutorial by our CEO how easy it is to add a new workspace and add names for each one of them. And we’ve also seen how easy it is to navigate between tabs and pages to create your own unique filters.

By doing so, your agency or enterprise can efficiently manage workflows and analytics for each of your clients. The "Workspaces" feature is available on our Pro and Pro+ Plans.

Watch the Youtube Tutorial here: Workspaces for Agencies & Enterprises