Lead To Customer Conversion Rates For ROI Calculations

Lead-to-customer conversion rates can vary significantly depending on many factors.

The best value to use is historical conversion rates if you have them.

For example, a booked demo meeting might have a 40% conversion rate to a customer. Or a BOFU eBook case study may have a conversion rate of 10% ultimately. Below are some typical values for various stages of a B2B funnel. After this are some good links to the latest industry averages for website traffic for various industries. You milage will vary… but a good estimate is a great place to plan and actual values will allow more precise ROI analysis. The most popular benefit of SaturnOne offers agencies are our campaign, channel, and SEO ROI analysis and reporting.

Lead-to-customer conversion rates can vary significantly depending on a variety of factors, including industry, target audience, quality of leads, sales process efficiency, and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. B2B versus eCommerce traffic will have wide variations also. That being said, I can provide you with some rough estimates for different stages of the marketing funnel: 

  1. TOFU (Top of Funnel): This is the awareness stage where you're attracting a wide audience, often through educational content and building brand recognition. Conversion rates at this stage are typically lower. The average conversion rate from TOFU leads to customers can range from 1% to 5%.
  1. MOFU (Middle of Funnel): At this stage, leads have shown interest and engagement with your brand, possibly through downloading specific resources, signing up for webinars, or subscribing to your newsletter. These leads are warmer than TOFU leads but may not be ready to make a purchase immediately. Conversion rates for MOFU leads to customers might be in the range of 10% to 20%.
  1. BOFU (Bottom of Funnel): This is the decision-making stage where leads consider purchasing. They've likely engaged with sales representatives, participated in product demos, or requested quotes. Conversion rates at the BOFU stage tend to be the highest due to increased interest and intent. The average conversion rate from BOFU leads to customers could be around 20% to 30% or even higher, depending on the industry and how well your sales team handles these leads.

Remember that these numbers are general estimates and can vary widely. Some industries with longer sales cycles might have lower conversion rates, while others with shorter cycles might have higher rates. Additionally, companies with well-optimized marketing and sales processes tend to achieve higher conversion rates across all funnel stages.

Some Industry Average Sources: