How SaturnOne Compares To Google Analytics: Website Analytics

Make smarter customer journey marketing decisions with SaturnOne now.

Like the proverbial battle between David and Goliath, SaturnOne faces Google Analytics as a Goliath, a well-established and enormous company while SaturnOne is just starting out. But this didn't deter SaturnOne from developing and creating a simpler tool for analyzing and interpreting customer journey data as actionable insights for marketing. 

SaturnOne has seen the need for an easier to use tool from the beginning as its founder, Greg Bardwell, tried using Google Analytics for his website and business but found the data and analysis quite overwhelming and complicated. 

Being a programmer himself, he knew that there are similar entrepreneurs out there such as online digital marketers and SaaS startups who are having the same kind of issues- overwhelm. So he came up with SaturnOne, a simple all in one dashboard software for your website and funnel analytics needs. FREE in beta. No credit card required. Check it here.

Let's admit it, Google Analytics is powerful and very detailed, but can be overwhelming and complicated if you're not a data analyst. With this in mind, Greg envisioned an app wherein a content marketer or online business owner trying to optimize their website can seamlessly use it under one dashboard and the result is SaturnOne. 

Specifically, if you use content marketing to generate leads and customers, you need to understand exactly how they are interacting with your site and content to convert. If you can't tell exactly, then you're losing money. The app is designed to optimize for your best prospects, if you're trying to maximize sales.

I have personally created an account in Google Analytics and tried using its website analytics and found it a great tool too to be honest. However, it requires billing and other information when creating an account and you go through a lot of process before being able to go to the analytics feature. 

Google Analytics also gives exact data and figures such as where your visitors are coming from, how your visitors found your website, web browsers used by your visitors, and what keywords were used by visitors in the search engines to get to your website.

With Google Analytics, you need to integrate all other related tools such as Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Google Web Optimizer, and many others plus it requires custom coding, and data experts to really understand what's happening on your website. Getting actionable insights is not easy with Google Analytics. Time and effort are wasted when you go through all these.

However with SaturnOne, you can interpret data much faster and smarter with SaturnOne Web Funnel Analytics thus allowing you to formulate and execute winning marketing decisions and strategies and focus on other important tasks. 

Rather than employ a team of data analysts, or use a variety of tools, use SaturnOne, a tool that answers all your questions on how your customers are converting- all under one dashboard.

Grow your business by making smarter decisions and driving more conversions on your website by signing-up on our customer journey analytics tool  SaturnOne, a great customer journey analytics tool and alternative to Google Analytics.