Guide to the Latest Updates on SaturnOne's Content Marketing and Customer Journey Analytics 2022

It's easier than ever to track and measure your content performance using SaturnOne

Hi there! I'm Greg Bardwell, founder and CEO of SaturnOne and I want to give you a brief tour on the latest updates of our Contacts and Journeys page and as part of our SaturnOne’s Analytics tool which includes our Content Marketing and Customer Journey tool. 

I'll show you in a while what's new. 

First, click on the 3 small horizontal bars on the topmost left side beside the SaturnOne logo.  Under Dashboards, go to Contacts and Journeys. This will lead you to the Lead and Customer Dashboard page. 

1. Contacts. What you do is you capture contacts, trials, customer conversions as you can see here we have some trials, customers with Tags, such as downloading our eBooks things like that.

2. Filter. You can filter by customer type, by lead score if you want, by date, or by tags all these things you can filter.

3. Search. Next, we can take a deep dive which I'll show you here. Type in a name inside the Search bar. In this example, I'll type my name "Greg". Once you pull up the name, look at the specific contact and click the EYE icon (right-side) here and it'll load in information about this person on your Customer Journey page of your website. 

4. Forms. We get the name from the Form, when they first visited, when the contact was created, and where they're from. Here you can see this is a mobile page and shows their first visit which is direct the time on page there, how many times they viewed the page (tab views), and different sessions. 

When they go from one page to another, they click what button they clicked and what link they clicked. They also visited the pricing page then they went to the contact page where they filled out the contact information and shares that they filled out all that information that we use to create the profile.

And you can track your customer journey by content, number of sessions, number pages, that sort of thing. We have a lot of nice features and we're going to be adding more to this wonderful tool. 

I hope you like it and if you're interested in talking about how we can use Content Journey and Attribution as part of your analytics needs, go ahead and set up a meeting with us and we are more than happy to talk. Let our content analytics help you by scheduling a FREE consultation here.

Please go to our short Youtube video tutorial here:

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Greg Bardwell

Founder & CEO,