Flow Graph Updates for SaturnOne Analytics

The updated Flow Graphs shows a wide view of the web visitor's journey, etc.


We’ve done it again— adding new and exciting features to SaturnOne’s Analytics platform so you and your team can work much faster and easier. This is made possible by our founder and  CEO, Mr. Greg Bardwell, who thought the new and seamless Flow Graph updates will make it smoother and faster to interpret data and turn them into useful marketing insights for your own clients. 

We all know time is of the essence, especially in our business. So we added these features for more improved capabilities in analytics and interpretation. This will impress your agency client, or if you’re an in-house marketer, this will impress your boss. 

So sit back, enjoy your favorite drink or coffee, relax and have fun watching the video. Cheers!😍

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPnG-1IjKrI

Flow Graph Updates and Upcoming New Features

Hi there, this is Greg with SaturnOne!

I want to give you a quick overview of a new feature we just launched and deployed on Flow Graphs and give you a quick heads up of some of the things that will be coming in this quarter and for the end of the year.

First of all, with the old flow glass you can click on a page view and you can see what's flowing in and out such as campaign codes, referrers, forms completed and the exit pass, and this is the old flow graphs. It can be simple and can be complex.

I'll show you some examples of both so here's the flow for the Rockville Real Estate Exchange and here's the new flow graph. You get the nice icons and you can see better where they're coming from— the Direct, Google, where they're coming from. 

👉You can see the pages or the page titles and you can see the links clicked and you can tell much better what they are, and all the other things you see will still be here. Here is another example. This one has some campaigns going on here's the old Flow graph. You can see various sources and form views and you have all the same that you had before.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPnG-1IjKrI

👉Let me show you the new flow graph so here's a float neutral graph you can better see what the campaigns are on the campaign campaign types by icons. 

👉You can see the campaigns that are you know we drive it to the direct page in the home page.

👉You can also see we do some social sharing and you see the icons how how the traffic flows to this page again you see the exit clicks and the forms all of this has the same interaction as you had before.

👉You can get rid of that and you can see the graphs better and of course they print nicely and much they're much easier to show. Some of the things that are coming in the future we're going to be able to click on this link and see the flow from you know from a campaign to a page to what's being gone to next and next.

👉And then you can see also the the forms filled out and you'll build a filter by specific campaign codes specific referrals. Actually you can actually do these now by our normal methods by going down here and clicking that'll filter everything also.

👉Another thing that I like that I've always wanted I wanted a refresh button since I'm I tend to use these things a lot I want to be able to hit a simple refresh to reload the data easily so that's been added also.

👉We're also adding Q3 some reports— nice printed reports, from everything from a special report on flow to content analysis to your basic visitor data, social channels channel reports. All of these things we're going to be starting adding for those of you that are agencies we will be adding where you can do white label logos.

👉You can add some comments on the graph and then so it's all done for you to send for  your clients so that should be very exciting for our agency partners. Thank you.😊

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPnG-1IjKrI


Now that you’ve seen the video and discovered how easy and intuitive SaturnOne’s Flow Graphs are from the step-by-step tutorial by our CEO, what are your key takeaways from it? I’m sure there is something new that you learned and can apply to your own business or for your clients. The new Flow Graph features allows you to see on a wider angle and view insights quickly. 

Go see it for yourself in our 30 - day FREE TRIAL and see the power of SaturnOne Analytics in action in growing your business. So go ahead and be a winner!😍

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