Customer Journey 3-Minute Video

Seeing your customer 's journey on your website is so much easier with SaturnOne

Hi all, 

I just wanted to share this real quick. I just got a notification of a new trial user, so I logged on and here's our dashboard. This is my actual dashboard at the moment wherein you can see trial users you can actually have. 

They're tagged as trial users. We have lead scores wherein you can set up the trial dates. All of this can be done in Saturnone without changing your website or without adding any code.

We have some really great tools that allow you to do that, but anyway, I want to show you the customer journey of this particular user. I blocked out their names so you wouldn't see them, but you can see that they have just started today with the source coming from an email.

I looked down here and they went right to our home page. It seems like an old email and this is from our beta program like three months ago. SaturnOne tells you where leads come from and where they go. 

They spend nine seconds on our home page and then they do what so many people do—they click on the pricing page to see if it's right for them. They spend some time on the pricing page.

Then they click on "Get a Demo" and learn something from here. Then they go back to another page, such as the pricing page, where they spend a minute and a half on the pricing page, and then they click on Get a Free Trial to our basic program.

In this case, it is inside our Pro program. Our Pro program allows you to see the customer journey. 

I want to show you another quick user and one of the capabilities of SaturnOne Analytics is that it’s able to show how the lead visited 16 pages, how they downloaded our ebook, how they registered and how they availed of the lifetime deal.

It’s one of our early users, and by the way, we no longer offer the lifetime deal. They just came directly. Then they click on the links on the pricing page. They then click the link to download the free ebook, which is “Double Your MRR and Increase Your ROI” using Analytics.

The lead simply went to that page and SaturnOne Analytics shows you the form they filled out. You can see that this is again captured automatically by our snippet. So the web visitor probably read that eBook.

Then, in another section, the visitor came back from one of our deal partners. That's where they bought our lifetime deal (LTD) and he registered. He spent two and a half minutes on that page, and that's when he became a customer.

It can be shown that he came back another day and visited our site again, logged in and started using the product.

So I'm really excited about this customer journey and the automatic tagging features that can further help our customers. It's really exciting. I can't wait to share some more.

You can watch the full video here: Customer Journey  25 July 2022   3 minutes

Thank you.

Best regards,

Greg Bardwell

CEO & Founder, SaturnOne Analytics