3 Best Google Analytics Alternatives for 2022 for Simplicity, Content Marketing, and Advertising 

3 Best Google Analytics alternatives for your marketing needs

Let’s say you’re a content marketer or business owner, and you need to have a clear idea on which of your content is most often consumed and what your customers’ journey looks like from a marketing perspective. 

You want to know how your visitors are using the different pages on your website and why some convert and some do not. You badly need this marketing insight to improve your next content marketing strategy to increase conversions and sales.

But you find Google Analytics too complicated to use, much less set up. You want to find the best alternative based on the following criteria:

  • Easy-to-set up
  • Easy to use
  • Get marketing insights fast
  • See what content or content groups are visited the most
  • Know your most profitable customers so you can focus on them
  • Price

Today, many website owners automatically use Google Analytics to track and analyze the performance of their websites, and it's easy to understand why. After all, it's free, readily available, and can interface well with the majority of the platforms. However, the reality is that it’s not ideal for marketers and entrepreneurs.

In this article, we’ve narrowed it down to 3 of the best Google Analytics alternatives to assist you in selecting the most suitable analytics software for your marketing needs.

Let's get going!


Our Top 3 Best Google Analytics Alternatives

Clicky Analytics is the most popular Google Analytics substitute. By default, cookieless tracking is present. It strikes an excellent mix between functionality, usability, and price. A free plan is offered.

Funnelytics is the best Google Analytics alternative for crafting the best marketing funnel to optimize conversions for paid advertising.

SaturnOne - best Google Analytics alternative for fast, actionable insights on your content marketing and customer journey needs and helps improve your content strategy based on these insights. It offers a 30- day free trial.

No. 1 Clicky Analytics

Clicky is a great Google Analytics alternative that aims to be the top ‘real-time analytics’ solution.

 One of its recent updates is that of cookieless tracking by default.

Basically, Clicky offers similar analytics features as Google Analytics, including traffic sources, page clicks, etc. The difference is that it also offers a lot of more advanced features, including heat mapping and uptime monitoring.

Clicky’s most notable feature is when it comes to real-time traffic monitoring. This feature gives you a real-time idea of every single action your visitors take on your website.

Together with some very important information, you can see a summary of each of the users visiting your site in the Visitor Log section of the dashboard. You can view the time of visit, the country of origin, how long they spent on your site, which source (referring) they came from, etc.

When you go to the Action Log, you can also see how many actions have been taken, as well as even more details about the user, such as their IP address and the browser and platform they are utilizing.

What’s great about Clicky is that you can also see who your most active users are based on the number of actions they’ve taken. You may use this information to determine which of your leads are the most interested in speaking with your sales representative, which can be helpful for your sales operations.

What’s more, Clicky also has a great bot detection feature that helps you to eliminate all the referral spam so that you only view data from real humans.

 Setting up Clicky is super easy. Simply extract the tracking code and install it on your website. 


Paid Clicky plans start at $9.99 per month. A limited free version is also available.

 No.2 Funnelytics

Funnelytics is a very easy to use marketing funnel analytics tool. It enables you to craft high-converting funnels based on its mapping feature and very easy-to-use dashboard.

Major Features Of Funnelytics

Let's take a quick look at some of the major features of Funnelytics.

One of Funnelytics' most notable features is its Vault, which is also available in its free version. You get to use a number of pre-designed templates that are already being used by successful marketers. It is said that the chances of failure are almost zero. Higher plans add a new set of funnels every 30 days.

Another remarkable feature is its drag and drop interface. You save a lot of time by using this highly-intuitive feature, which requires a lower learning curve. It is also user-friendly so that users learn quickly while on the go.

Funnelytics’ “Analyze” section allows you to see traffic and conversion metrics on your screen. These show how customers flow through the content you upload, say an ad. It is here that you get to see what is scaring customers so that you can correct that.

You can also track external traffic sources through its UTM tagging feature. This enables you to track the activity of a user every time they click on your site.

However, Funnelytics interfaces with Google Analytics to enable its Engagement Tracking feature. In tracking revenue, the Pro version of Funnelytics gives you an idea of how much revenue has been generated in each phase of your funnel. Furthermore, it also allows you to see the total revenue achieved over the whole campaign.


Although an excellent funnel analytics software, Funnelytics has the following downsides:

  • One needs to add traffic sources manually
  • It cannot show email data

Pricing: Funnelytics Map is free and requires no credit card. Funnelytics Performance, the basic plan, starts at $500.

No. 3 SaturnOne Analytics

SaturnOne lets you focus on growing your business by showing you where your most profitable customers are hanging out on your site and the reasons why they are converting (or not). 

The platform provides fast, actionable customer insights you can leverage for your marketing campaigns under one dashboard. 

SaturnOne is a super-easy to use tool for non-technical content marketers and business owners for their content marketing analytics needs. 

Founded by Greg Bardwell, SaturnOne has a feature called content attribution that allows you to see which of your individual content or content groups is performing well and bringing in conversions. See the article here: “Content Marketing Attribution: 3 Powerful Ways to Measure ROI”.

With SaturnOne Analytics, newbies and non-tech people like you will never struggle with technical issues and incomplete data. You will get answers fast with no complex set up and costly technical support needed. 

 Interested in how SaturnOne product advisors can help you acquire fast and actionable marketing insights for faster ROI? Request a DEMO now. 

Pricing: You can start with a  30 - day free trial to test-drive the software, and after that, $29 for the Basic Plan, which includes website analytics, with conversion analytics, content flows, and funnels. Check the pricing for SaturnOne here: https://www.saturnone.io/pricing



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