Visualize Performance and Trends

Reporting & ROI Analysis

ROI reporting to clients is hard and only the big guys do this… until now…with SaturnOne. 

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Visualize Performance and Trends

Marketing Reporting

It’s time to put away the Tag Manager, coding, spreadsheets, BigQuery, and stop wasting time with manual reporting or external tools.

Or worse, the ugly and limited Google Analytics' reports.

Top-level or super segmented... all super simple.
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Segment on all dimension! Campaigns, channels, regions, devices, and more. Remember there is no coding for conversions or reporting. Here are are few:

  • ROI & Revenue Reports
  • Trending Reports
  • Channel Reports
  • Keyword Engagement & Conversion Reports
  • Conversion Reports
  • Campaign & Attribution Reporting
  • Content Attribution Reports
  • Flow Reporting
  • Heat Maps
  • So much more...

Make no mistake, the tools you use, and the value you show what matters.
Show how you contribute to the bottom line.

SaturnOne vs Google Reporting

See how SaturnOne stacks with with 5 Google tools. 100+ hours vs 2 hours to generate this report.

Here is a detailed analysis and article "ROI Marketing Analysis: SaturnOne vs With Google Tools"

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