Stop the Struggle and Stop Wasting Time

No-Coding, No Tag Manager,  No More Google Analytics Struggling

You are a professional marketer, right! What is your time and skill worth? Then stop wasting your time struggling with poorly designed tools that require endless effort to get the insight you and your clients need.

SaturnOne replaces Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Looker Studio, custom coding, spreadsheets, Hotjar, Agency Analytics, and 100s of hours of manual work.

Stop Struggling With Google Analytics

Yes Google Analytics 4 Sucks

Don't take our word for it.

What is your time worth?

Is It Free? No! Then stop wasting it!

  • Deep Insights: SaturnOne? Easy. Google Analytics? Research how, visit 9-pages, export data, put in a spreadsheet...4-hours...if lucky...not easy. Repeat each time!
  • Content Attribution: SaturnOne? Built-in! Google Analytics? Research how, 48-step process, 10 hours (if you are very good), and still only one-quarter of the value of SaturnOne! How? SaturnOne is built for content marketing.
  • Website Flow: SaturnOne? Flow diagramming for pages and content groups (impossible with Google) with full segmentation and filtering...all built-in. Google Analytics? Basic. Deep... not possible.
  • Single Customer Journey: SaturnOne? Detailed individual journeys with statistics, lead score, revenue, and more— all built-in! With Google Analytics? Not possible!

Stop Struggling With Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Reporting,

No Coding. No Waiting.

Stop wrestling with Google Tag Manager, coding, and data dumps. All events are automagically captured and waiting for programmers or analyst.

One Tool, Not 3 or 5

One tool that combines professional analytics, segmentations, customer journeys, heatmaps, session recording, and reporting. Get all you need to measure and execute