Get A Full-Service Website Analytics Expert For Your IT & Software Business

Content Marketing Conversion Improvement For Tech Companies

What gets measured gets improved!
– Peter Drucker
As true today as when he said this 50-years ago.

Do you want to FOCUS on growing your sales and revenue and not waste precious time on technical set-up, reporting, and pages of data analysis?

Your IT Business Deserves Better Marketing Results!

Done for you analytics and reporting!
If you’re interested, then read on…

Have Your Own Expert On Your Team

Introducing SaturnOne Full-Service: Add A Website Analytics Expert to Your Tech Business We simply do all the heavy lifting for you! So you can FOCUS 100% on marketing and growing your business!

Starting at just $399 you get an expert, support (someone to actually call), and get the technical struggles and tedious work done for you.

Save Time, Money, and Frustration

Trying to improve your content marketing results?

Or just struggling to understand how visitors are using your website! This is step #1 in improving conversions.

Then we can help!

You’ll get the answers and actionable insight you NEED FAST and EASY with SaturnOne, but definitely HARD for Google Analytics.

If you’re like most professional content marketers and small business owners I’ve spoken with recently, you’ve tried a whole lot of different ways to craft highly effective marketing campaigns based on customer journeys and to finally become profitable. 

And save precious hours and dollars at the same time.

However, the reality is, it isn’t easy!

And most likely, you’ve tried using Google Analytics to track and monitor your website content marketing progress. If so, then you know that beyond basic website traffic it can take 100s-of-hours to learn and set up.

Stop Struggling For Insight

I can imagine you having a hard time trying to figure out necessary things like content attribution, conversions, segmentation, internal links used, forms, or simply the paths visitors take to convert.

And you know what? I bet they did not get the insight you were looking for. You either gave up in frustration or simply outsourced the task. Or as what most others have done, you simply give up and continue with the old ways…guessing!

Does any of these sound familiar? 

  • You struggle with getting the right insights for your content marketing strategy
  • You have a hard time setting up Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, getting lost in tons of data, and not going anywhere?
  • You struggle with a lot of tools and technical terms used by Google Analytics
  • You spend so much paying freelancers and data analysts just to set up and operate Google Analytics? 
  • You aren’t getting any substantial results from your current set up 
  • And a whole lot more content marketing insights challenges!

You have a choice?

  1. Spend countless hours learning and struggling to set up Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, and Reporting
  2. Spend thousands of dollars hiring an expert
  3. Or use SaturnOne and we handle everything for you!

I hear you. I understand your struggle. I’ve been there! It’s kind of frustrating. But the good news is that you don’t have to suffer any longer. 

Introducing SaturnOne Full-Service: Add A Website Analytics Expert to Your Team We simply do all the heavy-lifting for you! So you can FOCUS 100% on growing your business!

We will handle all the technical aspects, analysis, and reporting challenges for you! To save you from unnecessary headaches and stress.

SaturnOne Analytics Team can easily show you insights happening inside your website such as:

👉What was the selling point? The point where visitors finally purchased or subscribed to your product or service?

👉How are visitors using your website and content?

👉What links and Call-to-Action buttons are being clicked?

👉Where are conversions happening? 

You’ll get the answers FAST and EASY with SaturnOne, but HARD for Google Analytics.

Save an estimated $7,500 and approximately 50-working hours in the first 30-days! Plus double your sales at the same time!

Stop having to choose between time or money! Save both with SaturnOne.

Why choose us?

We have the experience, technology, and know-how to help you succeed. So you can FOCUS on —your marketing and sales, and let us do the technical stuff.

This is a great way to save time, money, effort and get valuable advice and support from experts in the field

Our full-service website analytics expert offers you the support and tools you need to gain insights that you can apply immediately to your business. 

We can help you get the insights you need to make smart decisions about your content marketing campaigns. We can help you understand your traffic, performance, content attribution and conversion including all touchpoints from where your customers convert!

Our customers who have tried it love it as it saves them countless precious hours and dollars, and hopefully you will too once you see it for yourself. 

Starting at JUST $399/month, just look at what you will get: 

When you subscribe to the full-service website analytics team which is under the Pro+ Plan, you get everything in the Basic and Pro Plan plus these awesome benefits and services:

✅Weekly Live meetings for analysis and review with our professionals

✅Weekly reports, website analytics, insights from our review, and trending analysis delivered directly to you

✅Full Conversion Consulting, Technical, Analysis, and Support

✅We do the technical work for you to get the insights you need

✅What gets measured gets improved!

✅Live Priority Support

With Google, there’s NO:

  • Live support - you cannot call Google!
  • Email support - you cannot email them!
  • Fast insights and one dashboard to see all your stats!

And you have to hire a data analyst at $100 per hour just for set-up and integration with Google Tag Manager alone.

No to mention reading piles of data and endless documentation.

OR... With SaturnOne ... An Expert To Call!

Just to be specific, I’m even wondering if Google Analytics 4 has the capability to do this:

  • Setup links clicks tracking on 100s of web pages ... custom events.
  • Form tracking everywhere needed... custom events
  • Generate special reports that use these "custom events" 
  • Working with the marketers to be sure everything is done right

👉These "custom events" have to be specifically programmed.

Then another question popped-up: “What happens when you add or edit pages?” Then in that case more help is needed or you need to hire an expert. 

👉Another question: “Try adding the ability to segment these custom events?”

I am not even sure how much is even possible in Google Analytics 4.

But with SaturnOne Analytics, all these are possible. It simply has the capability to do all of the above. It simply CAN! That's simple. NO headaches.

Limited Timer Offer -- Save Now!

For one low price you can get an expert on your team who delivers the reports and insights you need to:

  • Prove your content marketing
  • Improve marketing
  • Improve your revenue
  • Saves you countless hours and frustration

Hurry, as this offer may increase anytime soon as we begin to accommodate more signups and maintain our servers.

If you sign up for the Full-Service Website Analytics Team package which is under the Pro+ Plan, we will be your Full-Service website analytics expert.

We'll have Weekly Meetings and Reports, and this includes Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Consulting, Technical Integrations, Live Monthly Strategic Reviews with your marketing team.

We’ll help you answer the following:

👉What content contributes to conversions?

👉What are the journeys to converting? For my best customers?

👉What are the specific paths of specific customers? My best customers!

👉Where are my best leads and customers actually coming from and what are they reading?

👉Where and how am I losing potential customers?

👉What channels and campaigns are wasting my money?

Then you need SaturnOne Full-Service Website Analytics Experts!

We use our own specifically developed professional tools designed specifically for your content marketing analytics needs.

We automatically capture all the data you need, and can enrich it for better 360 degree viewing and reporting. 

You are in the right hands. Our expertise is in data analytics and content marketing, so we understand your needs and problems.

This is what we do using powerful processes and tools!

We DO all these for you so you won’t have to guess, but rather, SELL MORE!

Hurry! This price is a limited time offer!

Start Your Free Consultation

Rooting for your undisputed success,

Greg Bardwell

Founder and CEO, SaturnOne Analytics

P.S. You won’t find a better offer to receive valuable technical help and marketing insights fast and easy, and you won’t find a better price than if you act and call now.

Thank you!