Content Insight Like No Other

Content Analytics With Segemetation

Conversion attribution and content grouping with advanced segmentation and analysis tools gives you the insight to make better decisions as no other tool can! This is one of 5-dashboard you get with the Pro SaturnOne.

Content Attribution

See What Content Is Contributing To Your Growth

  • See what types of content are contributing to lead, sales, and even lifetime value of customers.
  • See attributions segmented by Channel, Location, Lead Score, Revenue, Campaigns, and more...
  • Explore content interest and engagement by segments with our advanced filtering.

Discover and invest in what is working, stop what is not.

Realtime Analytics

Yes, you can change grouping in real-time and see history...unlike Google Analytics which requires a special tag programmed on each page to be set up before any data can be captured.

Customer Segmentation

Many advanced segmentation option to gain real insight into how your real customers and leads interact with your content and how that actually convert.

Funnel Optimization

With deep knowledge comes the power for you to stop wasting money and resources on what is not working and expand what is contributing the most.

Content Groups

See What Category Of Content Is Performing

Easily group your content into categories and see how it is performing.

  • See realtive performance by groups
  • Segment by channels. campaigns, location, and more
  • See leads generated by content category
  • Dill-down and see individual page performance by groups
Trending and form result by content group

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