Content Conversion with Keywords

  • Explore organic search keywords that are driving traffic
  • See the organic keywords by page
  • Drilldown and segmentation tools to gain insight into what is working and what is not.
  • From "Content that Converts" reports see organic keywords that drive traffic.

Content Attribution

  • See what types of content are contributing to lead, sales, and even lifetime value of customers.
  • See attributions segmented by Channel, Location, Lead Score, Revenue, Campaigns, and more...
  • Explore content interest and engagement by segments with our advanced filtering.

Discover and invest in what is working, stop what is not.

Content Engagement

Easily group your content into categories and see how it is performing.

  • See relative performance by groups
  • Segment by channels. campaigns, location, and more
  • See leads generated by content category
  • Drill-down and see individual page performance by groups
  • See SaturnOne's unique engagement metric (below).
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Trending and form result by content group

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